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The Gift Shop

What started out as a passion for candles for a young girl in a small German town

became a treasure for the town of Hanover in Ontario. For over 25 years, our

gift shop has offered customers the rewarding experience of seeking out delightful gift items.

Kerstin Lemm was the original owner and she opened the gift shop in October 1990

and called it Candles Delight. Already the owner of a successful

bed & breakfast , she wanted to bring the joy and pleasure that she always

had for candles and candle making to the town. She opened a small shop and

offered many different kinds of candles, candle holders and gift items. Working closely

with her customers, she even offered a special order service often creating original

designs herself as a certified chandler. Over the years, the store became known for offering

gift items for a wide range of needs. The current owner, Judy Hribar, purchased the store in November 2013 and re-named it Treasures & Delights Gifts and Collectables.

Since purchasing it, she has added a new and exciting dimension by bringing Simply Lovely Lingerie and the gift boutique together to offer customers a unique shopping experience.

On October 1, 2018, she re-located the store to Stratford, Ontario and has created

a truly lovely shopping experience. Now you can find all your favorite lingerie pieces,

together with a small collection of gift and our promise of year-round swimwear and

resort clothing in addition to beautiful accessories and jewellery.

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