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Our Story

The first Simply Lovely Lingerie store was opened in Hanover, Ontario on April 28, 1998,

by Jo Ann Switzer. Due to its tremendous success, a second location was opened

in Stratford, Ontario in November 1999 which was re-located to the historic

downtown district in February 2005 and the two stores were amalgamated

when the Hanover store closed in May 2009.

After fifteen years of owning Simply Lovely Lingerie and maintaining a full-time hair salon,

Jo Ann decided to close the lingerie business in December 2013, but soon after closing

she was surprised to discover that many of her customers were asking her to re-open.

So, in April 2016, she sold the business to Judy Hribar, who already owned

Treasures & Delights, a successful gift store located in Hanover.

Judy decided to add the lingerie boutique to the gift store to create a

unique shopping experience. After receiving many requests to re-open

Simply Lovely Lingerie in Stratford, Judy decided to close the

Hanover store and on October 1, 2018 relocated back to Stratford.

We like to think that we've kept the business in the family because Jo Ann

still remains interested in the latest trends and styles.

Don't be surprised if you see her working in the store from time to time!

Judy is committed to continuing to provide customers with superior customer service

to fulfill their needs and to promote happiness, strength and confidence with the

hope of building long lasting relationships. Choosing the right bra can completely

change the way a woman looks and feels. Many have no idea that they are wearing

a bra that doesn't fit them properly. Each bra fits differently and no two bras fit

exactly the same way on each woman. When you come into her store, you will

find a friendly staff that is dedicated to helping every woman look and feel

her best in a relaxed atmosphere that ensures an exceptional shopping experience.

We want to improve women's lives by providing an experience that gives our

customers the confidence and pleasure that comes from wearing the

perfect lingerie. We strive to understand your needs and respect your ideas.

Our specialized service sets us apart from the rest by offering our customers a

unique collection of lingerie, swimwear, fashion, accessories and gifts.

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