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Forever New Powder Wash

Brings out the best in fine fabrics whether you hand wash or use a machine. Specifically formulated for he or regular machines.

  • 150g  Travel Size

  • 450g

  • 1,000g

Scented or unscented

Forever New Wash Bag

Forever New's zippered large white mesh wash bag enables safe and gentle machine washing of lingerie, hosiery and delicate garments.

Forever New Liquid Wash

Everything you love about Forever New is also available in liquid. Forever New is highly concentrated with more active ingredients than other brands.

  • 60ml  Travel Size

  • 910ml

Scented or unscented

Forever New SPLASH

This specialty wash has a unique formula that neutralizes chlorine and salt left in swimwear making your favorite swim suit last longer. A must for all you aquafitters!

  • 60ml  Travel Size

  • 250ml

Forever New Dryer Balls

An essential laundry room accessory! Forever New Tumblers are made of 100% wool and act to soften clothes and reduce dryer time.

Invisible Bra Straps

Invisible Straps can be used on bras with detachable straps.  Attach to existing loops inside your bra... and you are ready to go. Available in two sizes. Standard 3/8" and  3/4".

Bra Back Converter

For lowering the bra back when wearing low back and backless fashions.  The Bra Back Converter lowers the back band by 2 to 3 inches so it will not be seen.  It attaches around the front waist area and has an adjustable slider for added comfort.

Bra Extenders

Custom fit a bra with Bra Back Extenders. All extenders have four positions of eyes which allows lengthening the bra’s back band. All extenders are non-elastic, 100% nylon with a soft brushed back for comfort. Available in beige, black and white.


Wear different sleeveless fashions with confidence. Our hide-a-strap pulls the bra straps together in the back, by wrapping around them and clipping back on itself. The adjustable slider allows for a perfect fit and comfort.

Foam Nipple Covers

Re-useable, non-adhesive foam nipple covers.  For discreet coverage, wear these soft fabric covered thin pads inside a bra for a smooth look under clothing.

Silicone Nipple Covers

Wear these adhesive nipple covers with or without a bra for a smooth look.  Comfortable and reusable.  Hand-washable and 100% silicone with non sensitizing adhesive.

Body Tape in Dispenser

Body Tape® instantly and securely holds clothing in place.  Use Body Tape® to hold necklines, halters, bikini tops, gaping blouses, instant seam repair, hemline repair, and more!  Body Tape® is made with superior quality hypo-allergenic 3M Medical grade adhesive.  Proudly made in Canada.

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